Double Towel Rod

Manufacturer of Double Towel Rod

We (Bathroom Accessories) is one of the popular company in manufacturer and exporter of Double Towel Rod in Gujarat, India. A double towel rod, also known as a double towel bar or dual towel rod, is a bathroom accessory that allows multiple towels to be hung at the same time. It is made up of two parallel bars or rods that are usually made of metal or another strong material and are fixed on a wall or fastened to a bathroom fitting.

Double towel rods come in various styles, finishes, and sizes to suit different bathroom decor themes and personal preferences. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern design or a more traditional look, you can find a double towel rod that complements your bathroom aesthetics.

Double Towel Rod

Double Towel Rod Exporter

We are a leading producer and exporter of premium double towel rods. We have pleasure in granting high-quality bathroom accessories that improve the usefulness and aesthetics of your bathroom. The double towel rod offers several advantages over a single towel bar. It allows for increased towel storage and organization, particularly in bathrooms shared by multiple individuals or households. With two rods, you can hang separate towels for different purposes, such as one for hand towels and another for bath towels, keeping them neatly arranged and easily accessible.


  • Dual Rods
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Stylish Design


  • Enhanced Organization
  • Maximizes Space
  • Easy Installation
  • Long-lasting Durability
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
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