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Welcome to Bathroom Accessories; we are Gujarat, India's top manufacturer and supplier of high-quality double soap dish glass. We have proud of in offering double soap dish that combine functionality, durability, and elegance to improve the look of your bathroom.

A double soap dish glass refers to a bathroom accessory that consists of a glass container with two separate compartments for holding soap. It is designed to provide a convenient and organized solution for storing different types of soap, such as bar soaps, liquid soaps, or other bathing essentials. Our double soap dish glass typically features two compartments, either side by side or stacked vertically, within a single glass container. Each compartment is designed to hold a specific type of soap, allowing you to keep them separate and easily accessible.

double soap dish glass

Double Soap Dish Glass in Gujarat, India

The premier destination for high-quality double soap dish glass in Gujarat, India. One of the advantages of a double soap dish glass is its ease of cleaning. The smooth surface of the glass makes it easy to wipe away any soap residue or watermarks, keeping the soap dish clean and hygienic. Regular cleaning with water and drying with a cloth is typically enough to keep it clean. In terms of installation possibilities, double soap dish glass is diverse. Depending on personal desire and bathroom arrangement, it can be mounted on the wall, affixed to tiles or placed on a countertop. This adaptability allows you to position the soap dish according to your unique demands and design preferences.


  • Elegant Display
  • Easy to Clean
  • Enhanced Organization
  • Convenient Accessibility
  • Customization Options
  • Versatile Soap Storage
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